Better to come late, than not at all?

Hey! Kate’s inspiring blog is on air!

I don’t actually know how to start writing a blog, I’m as bad at writing as I’m bad at time management 🙂 Have I already told you how I missed my flight to Lithuania? No? My bad, but here we go 🙂

My flight was supposed to be at 8.55 am. Knowing that, I wisely decided to wake up at 4.30 am that morning. Not that late, right? My suitcase and backpack were already packed, everything was prepared for the trip. Even me.

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Today is the day!

Hi there again!

It’s been a while since I published my last post… Sometimes it’s just hard to gather all your thoughts together and actually start writing.

“But tonight is the night!” – were the last words I wrote two months ago, then suddenly fell asleep and never finished writing the post…

But today I’ll start by describing the main activities I’ve been performing at the library so far.

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The first impression

My EVS project takes place in a really small (comparing to other project’s cities) town with a population of 23 thousand of people. But if you try to compare it to towns with the same amount of inhabitants in Russia, you would notice that Plunge has much more stuff in here.

  • First. They have three big and two average supermarkets (in Russia it would be only one small);
  • a few coffee houses (which is perfect for me and I already love one of them – ExLibris, with their tasty cocoa for 0.9 euro); Continue reading “The first impression”

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